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REMEMBRANCE – The First World War

Posted: Tue, 6 November 2018

Remembrance – The First World War

The terrible events of the First World War touched on every family and a century later they still reverberate. Names forever etched in stone on war memorials in every town and every village are reminders of the scale of suffering and the people that made the ‘ultimate sacrifice’. Those that survived and the families left behind were haunted by nightmares for the rest of their lives.

The First World War began in July 1914 and to mark the centenary a wide range of projects and events are in production across all media. Whether yours is a documentary, a photo-montage or a full-blown TV drama, heightened public interest is sure to reveal hitherto untold stories that will cover the full spectrum of human emotions. Today the events of 1914-1918 are almost beyond living memory, but we won’t forget.

If you are planning a project to mark this important centenary, Soho’s extensive catalogue of music can help enhance your production by providing an emotional shortcut to every setting, atmosphere and mood.  Some tracks are from our unique library of archive music actually recorded at the time, during the build-up to 1914 and throughout the years of the conflict.  These are ideal for vintage newsreels and documentaries. Other tracks are contemporary and bring drama to life for the 21st Century audience.

Whether your story begins pre-war (with the suffragettes or the carefree days of the music hall) or follows through to the horrific realities of the battlefields and their aftermath, do browse our library.

Here are 50 suggestions for tracks that could work for you:

1.   SOHOA110-31 – Holiday Mood
2.   SOHOA110-30 – Cheeky Chappie
3.   SOHOA115-02 – Say You Love Me
4.   SOHOA115-03 – Happy Days Rag
5.   SOHOA115-07 – My Charabang
6.   SOHOA115-21 – Fun at the Ritz
7.   SOHOA115-24 – Pride of Place
8.   SOHOA114-11 – No Hiding Place
9.   SOHOA111-17 – The Waiting Game
10. SOHOA106-04 – Rule Britannia
11. SOHOA106-03 – Valiant Heroes
12. SOHOA106-08 – Royal Navy
13. SOHOA106-22 – Winds of War
14. SOHOA106-21 – Army on the Move
15. SOHOA106-16 – Big Guns
16. SOHO106-38   – Disaster
17. SOHO124-49   – Revenge Force
18. SOHOA106-29 – Devastation
19. SOHOA106-35 – Mighty Victor
20. SOHOA106-30 – Bomber Raid
21. SOHOA106-28 – The Red Baron
22. SOHOA106-27 – Aerial Combat
23. SOHOA106-26 – Air Power
24. SOHOA106-24 – Hopeless March
25. SOHOA106-20 – Conflict
26. SOHOA106-12 – Battle Plans
27. SOHOA106-11 – Battle Scenes
28. SOHO124-06   – Warlord
29. PN81001-05  – Burning River
30. SOHO109-32   – Warrior Code
31. SOHO125-23   – Bonnie Heilan Lad
32. SOHOA106-23 – Refugees
33. SOHO106-65   – Dark Landscape Pulse
34. SOHO106-68   – Headspin Paranoia
35. SOHO130-23   – Past Reflections
36. SOHO130-05   – Melancholique
37. SOHO130-16   – Loneliness
38. SOHO130-26   – Emptiness
39. SOHO110-11   – Bleak Winter
40. SOHO110-10   – Nature’s Gift
41. PN81006-10 – Winter Light
42. SOHOA112-07 – Tragic Event
43. SOHOA112-23 – Remembrance
44. SOHOA112-28 – All Nations
45. SOHOA112-39 – Marching Home
46. SOHO130-12   – Inner Warmth
47. SOHOA109-14 – Grand Union
48. SOHOA106-37 – Veteran’s Parade
49. SOHOA106-36 – Flagship Colours
50. SOHO102-09   – Warmth and Passion

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