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June 2019 – Album Highlights

Posted: Thu, 27 June 2019
June 2019 Album Highlights

With so much fantastic new music brought out each month, sometimes it’s hard to keep in mind all the music we have. All of these albums are great and deserve to be highlighted from time to time, so here are four favourites for this month’s Album Highlights. Click a title to hear the album!

00_Cover_SOHO_207_1500px_square (4)SOHO 207 – Jazz Joint

From the intimate side streets of Paris, London and New York comes Gypsy Jazz, Freeform, Avant Garde, Urban Cool, Detective, Fusion, sophisticated Jazz Trios, wild brass and elegant piano.

Smooth sounds for the perfect setting, bouncing, toe-tapping rhythms, catchy, bright and sometimes avant-garde, for all your jazzy needs.

00_Cover_PN8_1037_1500px_square (1)
PN8 1037 – Brutal Dubstep

Aggressive, hard-edge dubstep, inspired by gangland…

Suited for urban/electronic themes, dangerous dramatic moments and intense modern settings, this album is filled with dynamic dubstep tracks featuring powerful sub-bass and punchy anthemic tunes. Watch out for the bass drop!

AT 077 – Cocktail Hour

The perfect album to complement any “evening in the cocktail lounge” scene or for general sentimental scenes. Upbeat jazz piano, slow, soft scores, sassy yet elegant, swaying and light tunes for relaxing, chatting, smoking.

Stylish tunes for a sophisticated evening.

escd 535
ESCD 535 – Rumba Flamenco

A special collection of tracks evoking emotional and spiritual memories, laced with Spanish character and flavour, performed to the highest standards and recorded faithfully to provide the ultimate backdrop to your productions.