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June – New Albums and Music for News

Posted: Wed, 29 June 2016

This Month’s Featured Playlists

June has been a crazy month to say the least. We’re out of the European Union, England lost in the Euros to a country with more volcanoes than professional footballers and we now know we’re set for a Trump vs Clinton presidential election race later this year. It’s all been very dramatic, so we thought we’d highlight some of our playlists of library music, which might be useful during this time. There’s lots of drama, tension and suspense music for news, political and corporate production.

News and Current Affairs
Presidential Election
US Drama

This Month’s Best New Albums

Library Music - Primrose Music - 239 - Celebrity Rock Cover

PRCD 239 – Celebrity Rock

Contemporary, cool and confident indie rock with lots of energy and an in-your-face attitude. Perfect for fashion, sports and the latest trends and styles. Both vocal and underscore versions of all tracks are available.

Listen here

Library Music - Manhattan Production Music - 078 - Indie Piano Pop Cover

LT 078 – Indie Piano Pop

A collection of 10 piano-driven indie pop underscore themes, venturing from uplifting motivational moments, to emotional melancholy, to bright and breezy pop melodies.

Listen here

Library Music - Deneb Records - 848 - Post Rock Cover

DNB 848 – Post Rock

Simplistic, but deeply moving alternative rock beds, which mix ambient and ethereal sounds with jazzy, adventurous melodies. Very useful for drama productions and emotional scenes.

Listen here