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March 2019 – Album Highlights

Posted: Fri, 29 March 2019
March 2019 Album Highlights

With so much fantastic new music brought out each month, sometimes it’s hard to keep in mind all the music we have. All of these albums are great and deserve to be highlighted from time to time, so here are four favourites for this month’s Album Highlights. Click a title to hear the album!

00_Cover_SOHO_157_1500px_square (2)SOHO 157 – Beach Club

Funky Breaks and Balearic Beats… Chillout, cool grooves, exotica, paradise, relaxation, sun loungers and sunsets are all here. Hypnotic, calm, relaxing electronic music with a real sense of luxury and carefree time in the sun, featuring occasional vocal melodies, muted trumpet and synth sweeps.
Ideal for spa relaxation, cocktails at the bar or all-night parties.

resizeimage (27)LT 089 – Uptempo Minimal Piano

It is what is says on the tin, but also so much more:A collection of uptempo emotional solo piano cues varying from Inspiring to mysterious.

Gentle, twinkling piano keys to highlight spoken words and meaningful messages, subtle but effective background tunes that will uplift the spirit and focus the mind, onto your project.

00_COVER_SOHO_BOS-1020_HAUNTED_1500px_square (1)BOS 1020 – Haunted

Synth atmospheres, full of danger, fear and foreboding. Creepy, spooky, eerie, the sparse, empty soundscape echoes with darkness. This album is built up of old, sad, building, slow drama horror interspersed with rays of optimistic hope.
Ideal for TV psychological tension, horror and fear, featuring ambience, suspenseful piano and ominous brass…

thats amore 007TA 007 – Fellini’s Rome

The golden age of Italian Cinema indeed. Retro, bizarre, bouncing irony, comic, romantic, dreamy and 100% feel-good. This album is joyful and perfect for use in comedy, with its use of brass and woodwind, referencing that circus-clown sound at times.

For the perfect Italian sound, keep in mind TA 007!