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March – New Album Releases

Posted: Wed, 23 March 2016
This month we’ve seen a number of great albums from some of our international labels added to our music library. Below you’ll discover new additions to the Deneb, Primrose, Manhattan and Music Sales catalogues.

Library Music - Primrose Music (Flipper Music) - 238 - Simplicity Cover

PRCD 238 – Simplicity

Fun and playful modern folk for optimistic advertising, daytime lifestyle TV and overcoming adversity. This collection of simple tracks creates an upbeat and happy atmosphere with its infectious melodies.

Library Music - Music Sales Artists - 101 - Our World Cover

MSA 101 – Our World

Life’s journey of discovery and the ever changing natural world. Emotive, tender, rich and passionate music for planet Earth. A stunning album of cinematic orchestral music by renowned film composer Zbigniew Preisner.

Library Music - Music Sales Artists - 102 - Rock Masterclass Cover

MSA 102 – Rock Masterclass

Rock anthems, extreme sports, Latin, progressive, blues, gothic, stadium, heavy rock, metal, classic and retro rock styles from two guitar masters, Snowy White and Chris Goulstone. With a vast array of genres and styles from across the rock spectrum, this album is an essential addition to Soho’s impressive rock repertoire.

Library Music - Deneb Records (Flipper Music) - 831 - Multi Kulti Cover

DNB 831 – Multi Kulti

Traditional and contemporary African, Asian and Latin sounds blend together on this album for globetrotters and explorers, that counterbalances authentic ethnic instruments with electronic beats. The album covers a diverse range of world music from lost lands and indigenous tribes.

Library Music - Deneb Records (Flipper Music) - 833 - Pop Rock Box Volume 2 Cover

DNB 833 – Pop Rock Box Vol 2

Contemporary, fresh sounding, pop-rock with a pinch of electronica. A series of very useful beds for a wide range of productions including technology, reality TV, lifestyle, human drama and more.

Library Music - Manhattan Production Music - 148 - Organic Tech Cover

AT 148 – Organic Tech

A collection of uplifting, friendly cues to use on a variety of corporate and business-themed productions. Upbeat promotions, a human touch or groundbreaking innovation.