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September 2018 – Albums and Playlists

Posted: Mon, 17 September 2018


Pumpkin is back on the menu as the spookiest celebration of the year fast approaches; it’s soon to be Halloween! Our Halloween playlist is now available to listen to, if you dare…

As the days get darker and colder, we’ll all be spending more and more time indoors so why not take the time to make some home improvements? …Or just watch others getting interior design makeovers on TV. With happy marimba and groovy acoustic guitar, our TV home improvements-inspired playlist provides the perfect backdrop wallpaper.

Always looking ahead, with only three months to go until Christmas day itself, it’s time to start preparing for the festivities. ‘Tis the season to give a listen to our Contemporary Christmas playlist-bursting with modern Christmas bops, your 2018 Christmas hit is waiting for you here!


00_Cover_SOHO 199_1500px_squareSOHO 199 – STRING QUARTET – FILM AND TV
If you are looking for the melodic beauty of a Nino Rota score then this album is for you. The human emotions of romance, tragedy, solitude and peace are coupled with folk, humour, summer pleasure trips, the Great British Bake-Off and wonderful, scenic countryside follies.
The Allegri Quartet are both the leading string quartet and the longest-running string quartet in the UK. They are frequently heard at the Proms, on Decca Records or on their international tours. On this album they cover classic genres of in-programme and soundtrack scores.


Aggressive, hard-edge dubstep, inspired by gangland…
Suited for urban/electronic themes, dangerous dramatic moments and intense modern settings, this album is filled with dynamic dubstep tracks featuring powerful sub-bass and punchy anthemic tunes.
-All tracks by Tiger Mouth-

SOHO 197 v05 Nice 1500x


Stunning bluesy electric guitars welcome you to the haunting world of the concept album, pop rock psychedelia and a warmth that draws you ever inwards to the comfort of rich female vocals, mystical flavours and spaced-out sounds.
Dreamy and melodic, the album has a haunting, expansive, euphoric feel that blends the sensual with the purposeful. The lyrics speak of freedom, fallen angels, crazy world, the dreamfield, peace at last and many useful advertising messages. An album worth a long listen which we know you will enjoy.