African Planit LogoThe African Planit catalogue boasts a wide variety of African musical styles. The sounds are ethnic, indigenous and unique to the continent, and are produced to the very highest quality. Their collection includes music for children and sport alongside recognisable genres such as Kwaito, bringing alive the sounds of Africa. Sample Playlist
Bosworth Production Music LogoWith a history spanning over 125 years, Bosworth is one of the oldest names in library music. This rich resource began with sheet music, wax cylinders, sound-on-film and through the analogue recording era. Heavily sampled, the catalogue boasts exceptional and unique newsreel, orchestral, classic cinema and kitsch styles. Sample Playlist
Deneb Records LogoFor a touch of the unusual Deneb provides classic European cinema. Music for television detective series join gypsy jazz, tangos and world music styles. There are flavours of Amelie, Fellini and screen classics amongst the series together with indie pop/rock and fun jazz eras. Sample Playlist
Dennis Music LogoHello and welcome to Dennis Music, the mainstay of production music in Holland for the past fifty years. Here you will find a unique, authentic and impressive World Music collection contrasted by quirky SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon comedy. Popular and fashionable styles are covered by a select roster of leading composers drawn from the international film / television world as well as commercial bands. The catalogue is well rounded featuring contemporary new acoustic, jazz, rock, extreme sports, chillout, club, dance, folk and live instruments in abundance. Sample Playlist
Manhattan Production Music LogoManhattan Production Music comes at you with its three series – Apple Trax, Empire Trailer Series and Live Trax. For thirty years Manhattan has been the mainstay catalogue coming out of the Big Apple. Empire is built by trailer composers for trailer producers. Live Trax boasts live performers and live studios with big orchestras and intimate jazz. Apple Trax is the ultimate kaleidoscope of in-programme music. Sample Playlist
Musa LogoThe best holidays are normally a complete culture change of styles, rhythms, dances, language, habits and customs. Musa is no exception. Let Musa take you on a journey through well known Portuguese traditional songs, circus tracks and the tunes and melodies of old Portugal. Nothing in Portugal is more famous than Fado. Fado and the melodies of Fado are unique to the country and reflect their long sea-faring history of buccaneers and lovers separated by mighty oceans. The Musa series also boasts some exceptional romantic reflective warm acoustic guitar music, melodies for holiday romance and the best holiday you have ever been on… pass the Port please, I'm not coming home. Sample Playlist
Music Sales Artists LogoThe Music Sales Artists series launches this year with 'Our World' by Zbigniew Preisner. The series showcases both exceptional talent and recordings. On guitar Snowy White, on percussion Colin Currie… established film and TV composers now in the studio are producing music for seasons, brass band and contemporary drama. Sample Playlist
Musique & Music LogoFrom the land of perfume, food and fashion comes Musique & Music, a stylish group of labels known for delivering exceptional dance and electronica through to symphonic suites. In programme music, chart and contemporary can be found on the Musique & Music Zik label alongside trap, indie, ambient and electro. Head to G-Sound for ethnic music and world beats, MissZik for vintage to the seventies and Classik for popular classical composers and the baroque masterclass. Sample Playlist
Muzikotek LogoFor almost twenty years Muzikotek have been merging traditional Turkish and Baltic instruments and styles, with contemporary Western sounds, to create a rich and diverse catalogue of music. With a huge range of distinct and unique tracks, the library is a great place to go for authentic music that captures the essence of this exotic region. Sample Playlist
Nightingale Music LogoWell established and internationally respected Nightingale Music features award-winning composers with placements in countless TV shows, films, trailers and games across the world. Extreme sports, world music and orchestral albums join the Nightingale Vocal Series and Christmas Collection. Sample Playlist
Octopus Records LogoOctopus is a catalogue built around film soundtracks representing movies from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s to the present day. Horror, fantasy, B-movies and retro, kitsch Italian cinema can all be found in this eclectic collection. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, dive in. Sample Playlist
Opensound Music LogoThe Opensound library is an indispensable tool. Comedy, news, vocals, songs, rock, reggae, nature and human drama are all covered within the 80 album series. This is also home to the superb Opensound Vintage series, which covers music dating back to the 1950s. Sample Playlist
Pacifica LogoPacifica Music is a leading west coast, LA based label, well established on the US market. One of the leading providers of promos and trailers, Pacifica is also featured heavily in major TV spots for big brands. Cadre, Messy Music, Noise Cloud and Wild Diesel provide a hugely diverse and contemporary catalogue. Sample Playlist
Plan 8 Music LogoIn a world where dull, lifeless music is everywhere, Plan 8 is forging a library of innovative, contemporary and unique production music … this is the future. By delivering an unparalleled variety of genres, ranging from dubstep to cinematic, and being produced by some of the world’s best composers, Plan 8 stands out from the crowd. Sample Playlist
Primrose LogoPrimrose Music is a widely established major international catalogue. Cool, contemporary, eclectic and inventive grooves sit alongside the Primrose drama and documentary music albums. Elegant baroque and chamber works can also be found in thePrimrose Classical series. Sample Playlist
Soho Production Music LogoFrom the heart of London's most effervescent and creative square mile comes Soho Production Music. Soho is a new, vibrant, unique and eccentric library music label providing a comprehensive range of high quality, accessible music. From Bagpipes to Beethoven, Pop to Pantomime, Lifestyles to Lounge, you'll find it here. Sample Playlist
Soho Archive LogoThe Soho Archive is a time capsule of historical recordings, where you can unearth thousands of tracks which helped define and soundtrack the past century. With everything from wartime, to the golden age of Hollywood, some spooky 60s sci-fi and classic cartoons, our archive collection is a fantastic source of high quality, authentic historical music. Sample Playlist
Thats Amore LogoThe first catalogue of Italian music entirely created and produced exclusively by Italians. Culture, art, tradition and tourism are the inspiring themes. That's Amore, the 'Made in Italy' music catalogue takes on Spaghetti Westerns, fashion, food, Italian Europop and the Italian way of life. Sample Playlist
Your Tune LogoThe Your Tune Music catalogue is based around tunes and instruments. Each album features a main genre such as jazz, blues, americana and bluegrass whilst other albums feature instruments including acoustic and electric guitars, piano and voice. The layout is simple making the catalogue easy to navigate for music searches. Sample Playlist